Reclaim Credit Card Charges

The Problem

For years now, when you go beyond your agreed credit limit, or you make a late payment, the credit card companies have been hitting us with excessive charges of up to £35 each time.

Now you could win this money back plus interest. We’ve helped many people like you reclaim thousands of pounds in charges going back six years (sometimes further than 6 years). All this can be done on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

The Solution

Your credit card company should only charge a fee that covers their cost of late payments or exceeding a card limit.

They can’t fine you or levy a charge that is over and above this cost. Elite Claims are experts who can help you claim back what’s rightfully yours. Start your claim today, click here

How to claim...

Complete our claim form and Elite Claims will look into your case immediately, click here.

There’s nothing to lose as all our services are offered on a strictly no win, no fee basis. Sometimes the banks/finance companies will charge upto £10 to retrieve all your statements if you don’t have them. Elite Claims does not charge any upfront fee’s).

It’s your money. Don’t let the banks win!

Dreading Your Post-Christmas Credit Card Bill?

We’re all feeling the post-festive pinch, and January is definitely the month when we most dread our credit card bills landing on our door mats. If you get a nasty surprise when you open yours, it may not be entirely down to excessive spending, but you may find you’ve been landed with some unfair credit card charges as well. You can’t un-spend money you’ve already parted with, but you may not have heard about credit card charge refunds, which allow you to reclaim credit card charges which have been unfairly imposed.

What Are Unfair Credit Card Charges?
Credit companies are entitled to charge customers who pay late, or who have exceeded their credit limit. Unfair credit card charges are fines or other demands for money above and beyond this cost. Not only are they unfair, every year the companies boost their profits thanks to outrageous credit card charges, with excessive demands of up to £35 a time. Elite claims can help you claim your credit card charges back, start your claim today, click here.

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